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Make Your Organization More
Resilient With Splunk

Splunk is a Unified Security and Observability Platform that Improves data accessibility and provides you with Access data-driven insights. Remove data silos in your organization and implement a Data-driven security for the modern SOC. Splunk also offers Automated investigations and response.

With Maddisoft , you gain a partner who has the expertise to ensure you gain the most value out of your Splunk platform. We have extensive knowledge in Splunk architecture, deployment and integration in even the most complex and unique environments. We can even manage your Splunk instance.

Advanced Threat Detection

Maddisoft with Splunk offers advanced threat detection solutions that help organizations identify and prevent security incidents before they can cause irreparable damage.

Maddisoft’s team of cyber security experts leverage Splunk – the latest in advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide proactive threat detection, and then quickly respond to potential threats. With this service, organizations can reduce their risk of data breaches, protect their brand reputation, and ensure business continuity.

Incident Investigation and Forensics

Maddisoft’s incident investigation and forensics service, offered in partnership with Splunk, is designed to help businesses detect, investigate, and respond to security threats in seconds. The service uses a range of tools and techniques to correlate data and alerts from disparate sources, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their security landscape.

Automate & Orchestrate Security Operations

Maddisoft’s team of experts can help organizations automate and orchestrate all manual security processes, from incident response to threat detection, allowing businesses to respond to threats in real-time. The service includes the development of custom workflows and automation scripts, as well as the integration of various security tools and technologies.

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