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Enable a Data Cloud
Ecosystem with Snowflake

Data is the most essential asset for any organization. Today’s businesses need to be able to operate their own connected data ecosystems, develop novel data-driven products and business models, and effectively control their cloud usage. Data, Analytics, and AI are driving innovative disruption. The only way to gain a competitive edge is by leveraging data!

With our expertise in Snowflake, Maddisoft can assist businesses in achieving this goal through transformational solutions created on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Mobilize, Monetize and Unlock value from your data and get Actionable Insights with Maddisoft.

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake data cloud is a single, global platform uniquely designed to connect businesses globally, across any type or scale of data and many different workloads, and unlock seamless data collaboration.



Get the performance, flexibility, and scalability you need to integrate, analyze, and share your data — securely and eliminate data-silos.


Design and Architecture

Store & access your structured, semi structured, & unstructured data in one location to gain seamless access to external data .


and Migrate

Multi-cluster shared data architecture separates compute from storage, enabling customers to elastically scale, up and down


Security and Governance

Snowflake’s security and governance features were a part of the platform from day one, including data encryption in transit and at rest.

Our Snowflake

Maddisoft is a Snowflake Partner helping its customers with implementation, migration and much more to accelerate their digital journey to become future-ready digital enterprises.

Snowflake Consulting

Modernize your data storage and flexibility with Snowflake cloud services to cut back on operational costs.

Leverage Maddisoft’s Snowflake Consulting experts to surpass other data storage solutions with Snowflake implementation, migration, integration, data pipeline design, performance optimization, training, and more.

As a Snowflake partner, we can assist you in developing long-term, modern data solutions with Snowflake. We can assist you with design, planning, re-platforming, and performance optimisation to ensure that you are set up for long-term growth and value.

Our Snowflake consulting services include Implementation & Business Strategy, Custom ETL/ELT Integration, SQL Conversions, Data Architecture & Data Pipeline Design etc..

Strategy & Design

Seeing the big picture can be difficult when you’re busy running the business. Our team assesses how to manage best, analyze and utilize your data to achieve your business goals, complete with a custom action plan that acts as the north star to all your data initiatives.

Use the knowledge gained from hundreds of Snowflake projects to work together, share expertise, and promote best practises for cloud data engineering and design.

Whether it’s optimizing your data architecture, deploying best practices, leveraging partner expertise, or operationalizing your modern data analytics, we can help.

Work with our team of experts who have decades of experience around data, solutions, and architecture for the knowledge and instruction to help you realize and implement the best that Snowflake’s Data Cloud offers.

Snowflake Migration

Avoid disrupting your business by trusting us with the delicate task of moving you away from legacy data solutions, and fast-tracking you to modern cloud-based platforms that promote innovation.

Maddisoft will help you accelerate the migration to the Snowflake data platform. Maddisoft’s team of Snowflake migration experts helps you to seamlessly migrate from traditional or legacy data warehouse platforms to the Snowflake data platform. We follow an intelligent migration methodology that starts with our unique DWCoE.   

Our migration execution involves Migration Planning, Scripts Conversion, Data Migration, and Data Ingestion. 

Being a one-stop shop with expertise in source and target systems, our Snowflake and Data Solution experts take ownership of delivery and successful migrations and provide 24×7 monitoring and support.  


Maddisoft’s AI/ML services, offered in partnership with Snowflake, are designed to help businesses tackle the most difficult AI/ML business problems in the cloud. The service includes the preparation, construction, and deployment of datasets, pipelines, and models throughout the entire data flow, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution to their AI/ML needs.

Maddisoft’s team of experts can help businesses leverage the latest AI/ML technologies to gain insights into their data and improve decision-making processes. The service includes the development of custom AI/ML models, as well as the integration of various AI/ML tools and technologies.

By leveraging Maddisoft’s AI/ML services, businesses can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue. The service is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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